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Exploring the notions of shame and guilt that women have had to carry as a group because of arbitrary social teachings.

Experimenting with combining a digital drawing printed on rice paper with traditional painting. Experiments with thread transfer using embroidered material and gel mediums. I also used some taping techniques and thick paint in needle nosed bottles.  
Knowledge, Faith, Asimov
Symbols of DNA structure flood this painting marked by a depiction of a man in agony with a 1962 Asimov quote, still quite appropriate today: “Man knows enough now to kill a billion men in a single day by an act of his will; but is not yet capable of understanding what lies behind that act of will.” Interesting, that it’s still true….all these years later…
Bee Keeper III
Mixed media on board, this work is part of a series of mechanical beekeepers including resin, found objects and acrylic paint.  
Bee Keeper V
This 12 x 12 mixed media work is part of a series of "Bee Keepers", exploring an idea of a constructed hive/collection system using a steampunk aesthetic. Media: upcycled pieces of metal and tubing; poured resin, rice paper, flowers, glass  
Bee Keeper IV
This 12 x 12 mixed media work is part of a series of "Bee Keepers", exploring an idea of a constructed hive/collection system using a steampunk aesthetic. Media: upcycled pieces of metal and tubing; poured resin, rice paper, flowers, glass  
Benzene Ring Interchange Project
“The Benzene Ring Interchange Project” is an exploration of change and transition, through the lens of interplay between science and belief systems. In this piece, I use the idea of a benzene ring which forms the bonds for DNA for all us carbon based life forms and created a series of paintings that change based on the movement or addition and subtraction of pieces, similar to how changes in genetic structure change the organism. Each painting is sold individually, for $100 and they are designed to be mixed and matched. Purchase one hexagon or pick out several to go together. In a fun and interesting way, the series you choose can be arranged and rearranged, to change the look of the combined piece. Because of the unique nature of this work, we can discuss framing options. Email me to start a conversation. Each work is on wood panel and has magnets on the back, so that when framed on a metal backing, the pieces can be moved about.
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Peacock Spine

I love the jewel tones in this little piece, the way the rice paper creates such interesting textures. Those peacock colours holding court with the rusts.

This little guy is just 6x6" but packs a nice little punch.

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Balance: 6 ft x 6 ft. mixed media acrylic, diptych, acrylic spine containing various memory items We walk a line daily working the balance between what we believe and what we feel we just know to be true. This painting examines that apparent dichotomy, equating them. The cast acrylic spine in the centre contains various symbolic objects representing the crossover or intersection of those ideas. Contact me for details and pricing
Call for Price
Repurposing materials with a steampunk aesthetic, invoking a gritty mad scientist’s lab & an experiment gone wrong, we wait for electricity to enter the test tube, giving the first sparks of possible life. With advancements in DNA manipulation, we are caught in that moment of could we vs should we.
Covid Dinner Party
Each Mask is unique. Look through the thumbnails and make your choices. Each mask is $180. Please contact me to discuss which masks are currently available If you are interested in commissioning a different mask, please contact me. Learn more about the Covid Dinner Party  
Blue Marble
A painting with an original Haiku The poem is then translated into DNA code below the text and binary inside the cast acrylic globe. Acrylic, ink, coloured pencil, cast acrylic, digital image, 12 x 12"
Deep Space Explorer: Silver Rocket
A steampunk airship made as usual from a variety of pieces and parts that I come across. Some given to me some purchased, some found, some made. Complete with its own Canada Arm! As well, the propeller turns. A fun sculpture. It was very difficult to capture because of all the reflection, so I did the best I could with minimal equipment
Body Electric
Exploring the concepts of an information highway, remnants of a spine interwoven with computer cables representing both the human nervous system and computer networks, connect to gears and mechanical workings akin to the human body, encompassed by the high tech global world of the information age
Cellular Dynamic
A small painting with a lot of impact! This acrylic gem combines several techniques to explore the concepts of control and randomness that seem to be built into the universe. Thick black lines describing an image of  DNA structure overlays the random sea of cells teaming forward into creation.
painting: DataStream
Data Stream
Mixed media work using keyboard circuitry, acrylic, ink, rice paper, coloured pencil 12 x 12 n
Information System
The central spine of this triptych is connected by computer cable, representing the flow of electricity or knowledge. Each painting used symbols of DNA structure and contrasts it with organic shapes and designs juxtaposing notions of science with the more contemplative self.