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Benzene Ring Interchange Project


“The Benzene Ring Interchange Project” is an exploration of change and transition, through the lens of interplay between science and belief systems. In this piece, I use the idea of a benzene ring which forms the bonds for DNA for all us carbon based life forms and created a series of paintings that change based on the movement or addition and subtraction of pieces, similar to how changes in genetic structure change the organism.

Each painting is sold individually, for $100 and they are designed to be mixed and matched. Purchase one hexagon or pick out several to go together. In a fun and interesting way, the series you choose can be arranged and rearranged, to change the look of the combined piece. Because of the unique nature of this work, we can discuss framing options. Email me to start a conversation. Each work is on wood panel and has magnets on the back, so that when framed on a metal backing, the pieces can be moved about.

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Size: varies, each hexagon is 9″ wide and 8″ tall  |   Medium: Acrylic, Rice Paper, Coloured Pencil, Ink, Text, Cast Paper, Found Objects, Metal, Digital Transfer, Digital:, Wood:, Illustration Board:, Thread transfer, Polymer Clay, Glass, Chalk, Charcoal, Pencil, Resin with magnets on back.

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Dimensions 7 × 9 × .25 in
choose benzene ring tile

Hex 1, Hex 2, Hex 3, Hex 4, Hex 5, Hex 6, Hex 7, Hex 8, Hex 9, Hex 10, Hex 11, Hex 12, Hex 13, Hex 14, Hex 15, Hex 16, Hex 17, Hex 18, Hex 19, Hex 20, Hex 21, Hex 22, Hex 23, Hex 24, Hex 25, Hex 26, Hex 27, Hex 28, Hex 29, Hex 30, Hex 31, Hex 32, Hex 33, Hex 34, Hex 35, Hex 36, Hex 37, Hex 38, Hex 39, Hex 40