August, Getting Ready for the Studio Tour

Wow, August already!  It’s been plenty hot, but the opening up of patios has at least helped bring back some fun for us all.

Speaking of fun, The London Artists Studio Tour is only 8 weeks away.  What, did I really just say 8 weeks? It’ll be here so fast. The 28th iteration (artists love that word), will once again invite all you art lovers into artists’ studios to see how and where we work.

This year there are 25 artists on the tour, and you will get to encounter a wide variety of work. Of course COVID protocols will be in place. Subscribe to my newsletter, where I will keep you updated of any changes in the way the tour will be conducted. I will be sending out brochures about the tour soon. If you would like one sent to you give me a shout.

My studio will be open and I look forward to welcoming you  back. I’ll have plenty of new work for you to look at and of course have a look behind the scenes and see all the craziness that is my work space!

Prep work for the studio tour is in full swing now around here. There’s always so much to do. Pushing in the studio into full on production mode, so that there is plenty of new work to see, as well as lots of things that need attention, from preparing labels and social media posts, planning for covid restrictions or necessary protocols, deciding on how the work will flow through the house and studio, and just making sure everything is cleaned up and ready to go. It all needs to be done, and as head chef and bottle washer around here, it all falls to me. I’m not naturally a good “planner” so I have to really sit and schedule blocks of time to get it all done. The goal is to minimize stress and inconvenience to the people who live here. I’ll be honest, sometimes its not exactly the most graceful of transitions from living space to show space and back again.

I’ll end today’s post by sharing some photos of work and work in progress for you to snack on. As always, if there is anything you are particularly interested in, shoot me a message or email.