In the Studio

image of my studio space

Today, I’m working on cleaning up this mess. The studio has been in disarray for a while now. It seems to be the course..I work and work and work, and then one day, I look up from it all, and need to tame the chaos a bit before I can continue.

There’s Cilla in the bottom left, in front of the fireplace. In the winter, that is most definitely her favourite spot. Emma usually likes to lie on the pillow beside her. Grace sprawls out in the middle of the room. I think, she’s picked this spot today because of the sun.

The painting on the easel has been giving me grief for some time’s on it’s third complete paint-over. I just can’t seem to find my direction with it. (I think I may need to put it away in a corner for a bit, while it thinks about what its done.) Seriously though, I think I will need to just put it facing the wall for a while, so I can work on something else and return to it in a couple weeks with a new perspective.