Covid Dinner Party

As part of the 2020 special group exhibition, I created this ‘mini’ installation’ called “Covid Dinner Party”, a series of masks designed after theatre masks. While obviously not real PPE, each unique mask speaks to the nature of covering up, and the challenges we have been facing in dealing with the virus, taken with a steampunk bent to inject a little humour  and style into the situation.

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Double Helix Cafe

This installation work crosses disciplines. It examines the idea of a store of bagged slides where one can purchase various baby traits either by inclusion or exclusion, as well as ‘starter packs’ of pre-set combinations. There is an accompanying printed catalog/information book and a web site. This is an art piece examining our consumer culture,

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Balance: 6 ft x 6 ft. mixed media acrylic, diptych, acrylic spine containing various memory items We walk a line daily working the balance between what we believe and what we feel we just know to be true. This painting examines that apparent dichotomy, equating them. The cast acrylic spine in the centre contains various

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