So much time, so little to do…. strike that reverse it.

Sometimes I feel like I just need a personal organizer or assistant. How do I have so much to do and yet I feel like I’m getting nothing done. I have the biggest mess in my studio right now that has expanded outward to the entire top floor. My office, my sewing room, the bathroom… you name it, it’s like a growing beast. I feel a little  like there’s no hope of conquering it. And then there are the daily chores to do: laundry, dishes vacuuming etc. And proposals to write, and grants to explore. And getting my website updated, and emails to respond to,and, and and. The list goes on. And that’s just the maintenance type/business stuff. I still need time to work in the studio!
I feel a lot like I’m drowning. Help! Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?