What am I doing?

beginnings of a steampunk styled flash driveWorking on a steampunk styled flash drive.

I started with tearing apart a small drive, to look at the size of the circuitry etc, to determine size scale of my new drive. I cut a piece of copper tubing and warmed it with a torch, so that I could then flatten it a little with a hammer into an oval shaped tube. Afterwards, I wonder if I could make some kind of mandrel into it to help keep the shape even throughout. It was a bit tricky. If anyone has ideas /advice to contribute, please feel free to add it in the comments.

The pipe was left over from another art piece from a few years ago, where I had drilled holes at regular intervals to weave thinner wire. Unfortunately that piece got lost in the basement sewer backup. Anyway..off on a tangent….

I began soldering some pieces of wire and small nuts, screws etc to it. (I know my soldering technique needs work, again, I’m very open to helpful suggestions). I also only had some very fat solder, so I don’t know if that is part of the problem. Laura, we forgot to go back to pick up that smaller stuff…(what was my last post about..distractions? lol)

I wrapped some of the wire with thinner wire as well, because I like the way that looks. The propeller is going to go in the bottom end cap anda small jewel bead is going on the remaining open hole. That’s where the LED shines through when the drive is in use.

Will add another pic when I get it done.

2 thoughts on “What am I doing?”

  1. Dunno if this USB drive has one, but for next time tap into the LED light that indicates activity. You can probably easily solder another LED or so onto the existing one. They use so little current, you could probably get a few onto your better drive casing 🙂

    1. It does have the little LED. There’s a hole in the case and the light can shine through. I added the little bead on top to sort of ‘amplify’ it make the light be seen better through the hole. I don’t know much (actually..nothing..) about electronics and how to do what you are talking about. Not that I’m not willing to learn. I have a whack of ideas that I really should learn that stuff…hmmmm ideas on a teacher?

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