A Woman’s Freedom

A mixed media sculpture using poetry, and physical objects. This piece came about from a great deal of thought about my own fertility and my great desire to not have children. The idea that for me in this time period in which I grew up, it was a real empowered choice that I had,  and how that choice (or lack thereof) impacts women daily, historically.

This is the original poem:

This represents freedom
This represents choice
This represents freedom
This represents my voice

Herein lies my power
My power, my body
My choices, my convictions
My joy, my shame

Free to do, free to act
Free to be.

Its man’s greatest fear.

sculpture: A Woman's Freedom


Size: 12 x 12 x 3  |   Medium: Text, Found Objects, Metal, Polymer Clay   |   ©Marijo Swick,

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