This painting was commissioned as part of the EpigeneticsEh! Conference held in London in 2014. What follows is the write-up describing my “take” if you will on the subject.

At the basis of discovery, whether scientific or spiritual, is faith that you will find something, some “resonating truth” informing both the individual and society at large. Yet, it is a very deep pool, and there seems no end to discovery; sometimes the very act opens more pathways and questions to answer. To that end, this piece operates to remind us of that notion. On a physical level, some layers hide preceding images, while others are translucent to provide some hint of their former self. Copper wire forms a direct, moveable barrier, yet the act of moving the hexagon creates its own problem of obscuring another region. 

The ultimate hiding spot resides in the amulet, where personal imagery is completely obscured, never to be discovered. Symbols and images dense with meaning populate the painting, with a nod to da Vinci as the original artist/scientist, all await discovery.

This painting is now part of the city of London Art collection.




Size:   |   Medium: Acrylic, Rice Paper, Coloured Pencil, Ink, Text, Cast Paper, Found Objects, Metal, Digital Transfer, Wood:, Illustration Board:, Thread transfer, Pencil, Resin   |   ©Marijo Swick, 2014

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