Studio Interrupted

Thanks to the big rain the other day, I have been spending my time cleaning out and sorting old drawings. Rain flooded in the room, made an awful mess! Boxed up drawings from long ago, soaked. So now I’ve been drying out what I can, and throwing out what can’t be saved. I spent yesterday taking pics of everything that I could so that if they are totally wrecked, I at least have some record. They were mostly drawings from the Breitenbush retreat so many years ago. So many good memories from that. And by the end, I had really made some inroads in my drawing, so I’d hate to lose those tangible things that help me remember.
On the up side, I guess it was good to make me look at them again. And force me to document them. I hadn’t thought about that trip in ages. They make me want to quit cleaning and get drawing!